Recruitment system


המערכת שהופכת אותך למאסטר בגיוס עובדים


המערכת שהופכת אותך למאסטר בגיוס עובדים


What can the system do and how can it save you time, resources, and improve the efficiency of processes?

Who like you knows that the workers recruitment process is complex, long, exhausting, and expensive in terms of the resources, time, and manpower required for its operation. This is where the cvMaster system enters the picture and changes everything. Many stages in the process are done automatically, the operation is simple and user-friendly, the time required for recruitment is significantly reduced, and the savings in terms of time and money are tremendous. In addition, the system awards you full control and monitoring of performance in all stages of the recruitment process. Consequently, it is not surprising that more and more organizations and human resources managers are expressing satisfaction with the acceptance and assimilation of the system. They have seven good reasons for this:

1. Acceptance of CVs - all the CVs from all the advertising platforms

For every position a unique email address is opened, to which all the relevant CVs will be sent. Consequently the system knows how to accept and break down CVs from every source or Internet platform in which the positions are advertised, such as jobs boards, social networks, jobs page in the company website, email or CVs that came in print or in handwriting.

2. CV breakdown - that leads to the saving of hours and days in data entry

The long and exhausting data breakdown process, that requires days of data entry, can be carried out automatically by the system from a variety of types of files (PDF, Word, RTF, TXT) and with a far more detailed and deep resolution. The speed of execution and the depth of the breakdown is of significant influence at the stage of locating the suitable candidate. We shall immediately come to…

3. CV filing, including filtering of duplicate entries and improvement of data

Here also the system saves you a lot of work, time, and headaches. Firstly, it filters the duplicated CVs (this is already a significant saving). Secondly, the system improves the databases and catalogs them by categories, such as geographic location, education, experience, etc. You can specify the filtering and cataloging definitions in accordance with your requirements for every position separately.

4.Locating and filtering of CVs - only the most suitable talents and candidates

After the stages of acceptance, breakdown, filtering, filing, and improvement of the databases, everything is ready for locating of the most suitable candidates. With the aid of the "automatic hunter" component, the system permits you to locate and filter the candidates over a broad spectrum of breakdowns. From here we go to the stage of recruitment of the most suitable workers. Here also the cvMaster system awards you many valuable advantages.

5. Efficient, rapid, precise, controlled and organized management of the recruitment process

The cvMaster system is an especially efficient tool for management of an economical and quality recruitment process. This is even more true when several candidates are recruited simultaneously for several positions or projects, a situation in which it is very easy to lose track of what is happening. No more! The combination of the Talent CRM system and the Automated Workflow model of the recruitment process leads to all the contacts with the candidate, every phone or frontal interview, every suitability test, every stage in the negotiations regarding the conditions of employment, being documented and displayed in the system. In this way, every recruiter knows what are the tasks lying on his desk and what is the next stage that he must carry out with the candidate that he must recruit.

6. It generates reports, distributes insights, and permits quality control of the process and analysis of the performance.

In a single click the system produces performance reports in real time regarding the entire process. Using visual graphs and decision-supporting reports it is possible to examine every component and stage in the recruitment process for the purpose of improvement of the quality and efficiency of the work of the recruitment team, the selection of the preferred advertising platform, etc.

7. Development of the capabilities of the system on request - to match the special characteristics of every organization

Every characteristic, report, or option required and that does not exist in the system in its regular configuration can be developed in, added to, and assimilated in your system in order to precisely match the special characteristics of every organization and every human resources department.