Recruitment system that makes You Recruit Master. Our cloud based recruitment system is made for you. Start now!

1. Breaking down CVs in assorted languages

Breaking down and analyzing CVs from various file formats - PDF, Word, RTF, text ... in detailed and in-depth resolutions.

3. Hunting for candidates and categorizing them using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An interface enabling automatic matching between job requirements and candidate qualifications with relevant keywords using Artificial Intelligence.

4.Multichannel communication with candidates, clients and employment agencies

Direct contact with the organization through all channels - WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin and Email

5. Interface for collecting and categorizing candidates from different recruitment sources

Categorizing candidates according to source of arrival, percentage of suitable applicants per job.

6. Creating and managing recruitment processes tailored to the organization

cvMaster enables creating and managing stages of the recruitment process uniquely tailored to each project.

7. Diverse BI reports

cvMaster generates reports, provides insights - and enables quality control of the process and performance analysis.

2. Sharing and sourcing using social networks

Sourcing candidates through social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Sharing jobs on social networks with a click of a button.