Tips for a job interview − recruitment managers in leading companies reveal

Tips for a job interview − recruitment managers in leading companies reveal

We've asked human resources managers:

To what do you pay the most attention in a job interview?

Yonit Tam, Concern recruitment manager, Human resources − The Central Company for the Production of Soft Drinks Ltd

"I believe that in job interviews you have to address the entire thing. You have to know how to filter out "background noise" and distractions and focus on examination of the candidate's suitability for the position. The examination shall always be both professional and regarding the professionality. For every job different characteristics and capabilities are required and consequently my attention shall always be directed at parameters in accordance with the position offered.

"For example, when I interview sales persons it is important for me to notice the inter-personal capabilities of the candidates, the capability of expression, energies, the facial expressions, where a smile always adds something, of course. For technological or technical positions I attach greater weight to capabilities of learning and professionalism, to noticing details, to the capability of working with interfaces, to a technical orientation, etc."

Dr Iris Solenchik-Cohen, CEO − Hever Human Capital

"The capability of the candidate to create human interaction easily and nicely and in an authentic and not false manner − this is true both for a phone interview and a frontal one − and if this is a frontal interview, also the body language of the candidate. In other words, how the things are said in parallel to what is said."

Dana Hetzroni, Manager of the Service and Sales Division − Ortel Human Resources

"Capability of expression, relevance, motivation for the job and for the field for which he is being interviewed, cooperation in the interview."

Nicol, Human Resources Manager − Ahava, Dead See Laboratories Ltd

"In an interview I mainly pay attention to the body language and the degree of relaxation of the candidate."