Jobs without experience

Jobs without experience

How can you find a job without experience?

The labor market is booming. The supply of jobs exceeds the demand, and recruiters are fighting over every candidate, and many employers are prepared to display flexibility in taking on candidates for work and to hire candidates without experience (or little experience) for specific positions. How can you better your chances of getting the job you are looking for even if you don't have the required experience?


Your CV is your entry card. Emphasize in your CV the qualifications and skills that you have acquired in your previous jobs and that are relevant to the position for which you are submitting your candidacy. You don't have any experience and you are taking your first steps in the work market? Even the experience that you accumulated in your military or national service, during voluntary work or in various projects during your high school period, are relevant. What should you emphasize? This depends on the job that you want to get: For example, a sales person can emphasize his communicative skills, the connection with people and the motivation to succeed and advance; a software developer without experience can emphasize his orderliness, striving for an aim, curiosity, and learning capabilities. Think about the requirements for the job that you want and how you in particular are suitable for it.


It's true that the market is very volatile and in most cases the recruitment processes are very rapid, but even so most of the employers prefer candidates with experience. Continue to send CVs even if they aren't in a hurry to reply. Job seeking sometimes takes several weeks.

Jobs without experience in the Internet

In the Internet there are lots of jobs that are advertised in a variety of tools, some of which also permit a direct conversation with the employers themselves. For example, more than 1000 job proposals without experience. During the search process check the fields close to the main field in which you are interested. Sometimes there are "hidden" jobs that you didn't think about and that can be very suitable for you or interest you. There's no point in sending your CV tens of times or in widespread circulation for positions that demand many years of experience "in order that something will work". Make sure to send your CV only for relevant positions that require short experience or no experience at all.

Your profile in a social network

Also use your profile in the social network. Represent yourself in a post in a personal and authentic way, preferably a bit of humor and/or a wink, in a way that will attract people to help you and make them curious to contact you. Describe in a brief post what you are experienced in and the direction you are seeking, and also what is the "tool box" that you are bringing to your next job. Never display bitterness or despair − this is less attractive.


Tell everyone that you are looking for work − neighbors, acquaintances, friends, friends of friends, relatives − perhaps your next opportunity is hiding with one of your acquaintances who can even recommend you to someone else that he knows who is just now seeking workers. The contact that comes with a warm recommendation will open doors even for candidates without experience. Use all the connections that you have even if it seems to you to be the most unlikely place to find work.

Believe in yourself

This may be obvious, but it is necessary when job seeking in general and without experience in particular. Even without experience you have something to offer: experience in another field that may be relevant, life experience that you have acquired, personal attraction or even just an intuitive connection that will occur when they read your CV.

You've been invited to a job interview? This is the time to display self-confidence, high motivation, a wish and readiness to make great efforts, and "hunger" to learn and develop. Your interviewer is aware of the fact that you lack experience and has invited you anyway. Consequently your lack of experience is irrelevant at this stage and need not constitute an obstacle. The interview is your opportunity to charm, to hold the interviewer's attention and cause him to "fall in love" with you.

Many recruiters regard highly readiness to make efforts and high motivation, and see them as predicting success in the job and high loyalty to the employer and to the organization. In some cases (for example when specific training is given for the position) they can also make up for lack of experience.