A job without experience - recruitment managers in leading companies reveal

A job without experience - recruitment managers in leading companies reveal

We asked human resources managers:

Would you give a chance to someone who comes without experience in the position?

Yonit Tam, concern recruitment manager, Human resources − The Central Company for the Production of Soft Drinks Ltd

"Certainly! We have an organization college that give training for workers who come to us without experience. By the way, the college also trains experienced workers who are making a career change inside the organization, or those who are advancing to a managerial position.

"We have all the tools to carry out professional training, including accompaniment of a trainee in the field. We are regarded as the best school in Israel for marketing and sales, operation of machines, driving, etc. When I interview a candidate without experience it is important for me to see the motivation for the job, skills, and suitability for the organizational DNA, such as capability of learning. In the end we all started without experience."

Dr Iris Solenchik-Cohen, CEO, Hever Human Resources

"Certainly. What is more important to me than experience (within the limitations of the job, of course) is the capability of self learning, obligation, and motivation to learn and develop in the field, the capability of coping or transferring skills and capabilities that were acquired in other contexts to the requirements of the current position."

Dr Hetzroni, Manager of the Service and Sales Division − Ortel Human Resources

"Certainly, of course when speaking of a job that obligates previous experience there will be less flexibility."

Nicol, Human Resources Manager − Ahava, Dead See Laboratories Ltd

"Certainly, if he has a suitable character, then gladly."